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The brand Descarbonizadoras España belongs to Econovedades IDI sl, the latter is a company of Spanish constitution, leader and pioneer in the design, development and manufacture of ortho-oxyhydrogen gas and oxyhydrogen gas generating equipment, this being our main field of study, research and development. Although the firm only has 10 years of life, the human team has more than 25 years of experience in the industrial field.

We have a long history and experience in the field of the application of these gases as a method to reduce the consumption and contamination of fossil fuels.

We apply this gas in different sectors, either for domestic or industrial use, (boilers, burners, naval engines, welding, agriculture, etc).

After more than 3 years of study and development, we have been manufacturing for more than 3 years, an innovative machine that is revolutionizing the motor market both nationally and internationally.

Our product is endorsed with reports, certifications and a large clientele of more than 800 workshops at the international level.

All our products are distinguished by their high quality, their unique technology of own development, by its efficiency, precision, stability, low energy consumption and maximum protection of the environment.

The company has several awards at national and international level. It has been named a SME finalist in 2017 and has the ISO 9001 and 14001 stamps. It is registered in the Ministry of Industry at a European level and is considered an Innovative SME.

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